Our Services

demolition building malta


We can demolish existing structures and clear out construction zones.

excavation crawlers malta


For your construction projects, we can create new underground levels.

Building apartment construction


We can install, retain and create newly constructed projects.

Building alteration opening doorway


We can offer construction projects for existing structures. These include modifications, replacements, and component modernisation.

Trenching soil truck crawler


We can remove dirt and soil to form depressions in the ground using this service. This service is commonly used to clear the way for drain and sewage work.

Machine cutting rock

Rock Cutting

The removal of rock or concrete from designated routes or areas is known as rock cutting. This is done using excavators, blasting, and other heavy machinery.

field soil SOIL - HAMRIJA

SOIL - Hamrija

rubble stone hajt tas sejjieh RUBBLE STONE - TAS-SEJJIEH

rubble stone - tas-sejjieh

used mason stone kantun USED MASON STONE - KANTUN

used mason stone - kantun

Material Supplies

We at Owen Galea Civil Works offer clients a choice of material supply transport services for concrete blocks, stones, sands, metals, beams and more.